Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Nature Table
I attempt to do this every season but haven't been the best at it.
Our Summer Nature table consists of a bird nest found in our front tree, a snake skin found on my Mom's land, a crunched Robins egg found on a bike ride an acorn from a walk and various seeds from trees found on a hike. The boys love looking at it and showing it off to the neighborhood kids.
Making Strawberry Jam
smooshing is always the best part!
Sweet little Oliver came and got me one morning and showed me what he had been doing the school room while I was changing a poopy. He said "look what I write" which was adorable but then I was so impressed with his sorting and color recognition. Way to go Olie!

Shadow Boards

I love Jean Warren activities books if I am in doubt of a good preschool age activity whether Math, Science or Language Arts related I simply need to open one of her books and I'm set. This is a shadow game board shown in her Math book you simply take a piece of cardboard (or paper) and trace random objects then have the kids match up the objects on the board. Great for hand eye, sorting and recognition. The boys just thought this was fun and not "school" they wanted to play the game over and over.


planting our Spring 2010 Garden!
all the boys loved to help weed, dig and plant
Can't wait to watch it grow!

In the spring we did a little flower counting and adding. We have focused so much of this year on learning all our letters and the sounds they make that I'm afraid our numbers went a little neglected. However we did throw in this activity to practice our recognition, one to one correspondence and a little beginning addition. A great thing to do in the spring when so much of our time is spent planting. Fun with Flowers!
We are really getting into writing words now. For a while there Mason did not have the patience for it but now he gets pretty excited whenever writes anything. He is also very into writing pretend words that he makes up.

mini field trip to the lake

mini field trip to the lake

The boys love the book "inch by inch" so when we found our own little inch worm we were excited. We had fun making him a little home in a jar with dirt and leaves.

X marks the spot

We finally finished our cardboard Alphabet letters will post pics of some of my faves (L for Lego and U for underwear) having trouble thinking of something for V and Y any suggestions? Anyway for X we did a treasure hunt X marks the spot game ( just hid little X's all over the house to find) after we painted our X and learned its sound.

Eco Bunnies

For Easter we made these great grocery sack bunnies so simple just stuff one grocery sack with a bunch of sacks, tie the top (ears) and rubber band the middle. Then add eyes, nose and whiskers with furry balls and pipe cleaners or whatever you have on hand googly eyes maybe? Super cute little fellas!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


A while back we did an amazing project that I saw on a blog (I think it was adventures in unschooling) any who we tweaked it a little and made our own game. I think you could either call it Plink o or Pinball. We started out with a scrap piece of would used our math skills to measure two inch squares on the board. Then we pounded nails at all the crossroads of our lines then the fun began with our rubber bands pulling and twisting and stretching them all over our board to form different paths for our ball to go down. We used gum balls for our game pieces rather than marbles since we still have a baby in the house plus our rules were if you made your gum ball get through the maze you got to eat it! An intensive project that was unique and so much fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Graphing, Sorting and Colors were learned with Jelly Beans.... lots of fun!